August 14, 2020
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How Did Your Representative Vote?

Updated On: Jun 13, 2017 (08:57:00)


On June 5, the Louisiana House of Representatives voted on whether or not to accept the State Senate's amendments to the state budget. These amendments would have provided funding for vital public services in the state, as well as given public employees a 2% raise. However, the amendments were defeated by representatives who aren't putting working families of Louisiana first. To see how your representative voted, check out the final vote tally below.

Download: How Did Your Representative Vote.pdf
The Jim Engster Show - May 23, 2017

Updated On: Jun 08, 2017 (16:53:00)

John Lacny and Council 17 member Shante Gibbs

AFSCME Council 17 member Shante’ Gibbs and analyst John Lacny were in studio with Jim Engster on the Louisiana Radio Network to join the conversation on budget cuts and their support of taking away exemptions from corporations. Listen to the segment below or on

Union of Louisiana's State Workers hosts luncheon, raising tax fairness awareness

Updated On: May 31, 2017 (10:16:00)

By: Ariana Triggs

BATON ROUGE, La (LOCAL 33) - The Union of Louisiana's State Workers is working to raise awareness about tax fairness, among businesses in the state.

Many big businesses enjoy tax exemptions, but legislators are proposing cuts to vital public services like highways, health care and other services.

Simply put...workers who perform such services want bigger companies to pay their share of taxes.

They're using our water, they're using our highways, they're using our electricity, they're using our schools, they're using our hospitals, they're using everything that the public service has to offer and because we don't discriminate on who we give it to, then they still get to use it as well so why shouldn't they pay their fair share of the taxes?" Shante’ Gibbs with the Work Force Commission said.

Gibbs went on to say the more they cut public services, the more the people of Louisiana hurt.

(Read the story on the website)

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